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Our Staff

Church Community Services staff

Administrative Staff
Rod Roberson
Executive Director
574-295-3673 ext. 110
Marlene Kroeker
Development Director
ext. 102
Donna Parker
ext. 125
Gwen Hershberger
Volunteer Coordinator
ext. 112
Financial Services Staff
Vonda Horst
Director of Financial Services
574-295-3673 ext. 106
Rita Lane
Intake Counselor
ext. 101
Lena Marble
Front Desk
ext. 128
Don R.
Client Counselor
ext. 108
Food Services Staff
Cory Pringle
Warehouse Manager
ext. 131
Kristine Chumas
Volunteer Food Pantry Manager
ext. 132
Men Alive Staff
Sean Murphy
Director of Men Alive
574-295-3673 ext. 117
Michael Downing
Men Alive Program Assistant
ext. 115
Seed to Feed Staff
Natasha Kauffmann
Seed to Feed Co-Coordinator
574-295-3673 ext. 122
Soup Of Success Staff
Betsy Ayrea
Director of Soup of Success
574-295-3673 ext. 105
Kathy Peterson
Soup of Success Programming Facilitator
ext. 103
Amy Brock
Soup of Success Production Manager
ext. 111
Sue McDonald
Soup of Success Counselor
ext. 104
Mennonite Voluntary Service – Volunteer
Kevin Daugherty
574-295-3673 ext. 131