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Posted on Oct 10, 2017 in Church Community Services |

Financial Services: Ongoing Need for Help with Housing

The most requested need for financial assistance Church Community Services sees is for rent. This was the case for Janice, a single mom who shared with us that at the same time her utilities were being shut off, the housing manager handed her an eviction notice.  You see, a rule imposed by HUD (Housing and Urban Development) is that if a utility is disconnected, the renter is immediately given an eviction notice and within 48 hours they must vacate the home.  Janice is working hard to make ends meet, but because she is working at minimum wage, she finds it difficult to meet her family’s basic needs.  She wants to get ahead and give her child a stable home environment and a chance for a good future, but she struggles just with day-to-day living.   Fortunately, we were able to partner with a local church to assist Janice with getting her utilities reconnected.  In addition to the financial help we referred Janice to the Soup of Success program to help her build her resources and secure a more hopeful and stable future.